Accident reconstruction & Animation

Our extensive depth provides our clients with the benefit of a single source of specialized experts.
National Forensic Consultants, Inc.® provides multi-disciplinary experts to assist litigators and others in need of accident reconstruction, including commercial, residential, and auto fire origin and cause investigations; product origin and cause investigations; and elevator/escalator investigations.

NFC also has maintains a vast network of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, environmental engineers, chemical engineers, and architectural experts throughout the country to handle all manner of accident reconstruction and animation cases.

Biomechanical Analysis

The science of biomechanics incorporates the combined disciplines of human anatomy and physiology with basic mechanics along with the understanding of human motion to determine the causal relationship of applied forces /accelerations and/or impacts on the nature and severity of physical injury. Our experts can compare the force and mechanics of the accident and compare it to the injuries and determine if the injuries we causally related to the accident.

Commercial Transportation

Our experts are highly skilled in understanding what goes into the training of drivers, industrial workplace safety and training, highway transportation, the motor carrier industry, and other areas of the trucking field.

Event Data Recorder

Obtaining event data recorders or ‘black box’ data from vehicle modules

Low-Impact Analysis

Our low-impact accident reconstruction specialists will inspect the vehicle and determine the extent of G-force of the impact between the vehicles involved in the loss.

Accident Reconstruction

Traffic accident reconstruction is a multidisciplinary process which involves both art and science to establish the events surrounding a traffic accident. The practice of traffic accident reconstruction requires both the technical knowledge of vehicle dynamics and the experience of dealing with actual traffic accident scenes.

Vehicle Systems Analysis

Our automotive experts are able to asses the mechanical operating systems to determine if there was a failure of any system which may have caused an accident or adverse condition to exist.

NFC’s Forensic experts are skilled at providing litigation support as expert witnesses and consulting experts. We can assist with the case in litigation through trial or alternate dispute resolution. Our experts have testified in both state and federal courts.

Please contact us directly to discuss your case and see how National Forensic Consultants can assist you.

NFC's Experts are skilled in diverse disciplines, making us a 'one stop shop' for our clients' investigative needs. Contact us today to learn more about we can assist you by providing credible forensic engineering and technical expertise.

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