Biomechanics and Injury

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Biomechanics is an applied science encompassing the disciplines of both biology and mechanics. It specifically utilizes the laws of physics and concepts relevant to both engineering and medicine to describe human motion and those forces acting upon limbs, joints and vital organs.

The science historically has provided valuable applications in cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, orthopedics, industrial and rehabilitative medicine, automotive medicine, sports medicine, cellular mechanics, injury mechanisms related to human acceleration and/or impact trauma, and sports protective equipment.

Our biomechanical consultant specializes in injury mechanics and causation relating to impacts. He has additional expertise in orthopedic and industrial biomechanics with specific expertise in analyzing injuries related to high- and low-speed motor vehicle impacts; occupational injuries; lifting, pushing, and pulling injuries; slip, trip, and fall injuries; and injuries related to sports and sports equipment. He has also provided biomechanical consultation in criminal courts on matters pertaining to murder, manslaughter, child and elder abuse, assault, police brutality, and traumatic brain injury.

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