National Forensic Consultants offers informational seminars aimed at the insurance industry to help teach claims adjusters how to properly investigate certain types of claims. Examples of the available topics appear below. Topics can be combined for a multi-line claim office. Call our corporate office to discuss possible topics or to schedule a seminar.

Accident Reconstruction
Discussion of necessary field investigation methods, including accident scenes, skid marks, lights, points of impact, seat belts, preservation of evidence, highway design, signs, toxicology, and other related items. The presenter is usually accompanied by an accident reconstruction specialist and a mechanical engineer.

Workers’ Compensation Subrogation
Discussion of how to investigate a claim involving machinery and/or a third party. Investigation includes reviewing photographs, securing documentation, and performing related tasks. Discussion of sick building syndrome and indoor air quality can be included.

Discussion of the investigation of these types of claims including photographs, codes, lighting conditions, and involvement of possible codefendants.

Property Claims/Property Damage Liability Claims
Discussion of the investigation techniques for subrogation purposes. Property damage liability claims analysis can also be discussed.

Construction Defect Issues and Investigation
Construction and design defects continue to plague the industry. Some companies are changing how (and whether) they conduct business in certain markets, such as the condominium market. For all companies, the standard assumptions for risk transfer and insurance coverage are no longer applicable, and the new playing field is changing rapidly. This seminar will focus on what methods are needed to properly investigate a construction defect claim and what information your expert will need in order to assist you in determining who is responsible.

Environmental Claims
Discussion of all types of environmental claims such as landfills, oil spills from vehicular accidents and burst tanks, and cleanup techniques. We also discuss how to avoid being “taken to the cleaners” and how to deal and negotiate with regulatory agencies.

Geotechnical Claims
In-depth discussion of water runoff, vibration claims, soil subsidence, water penetration, building collapses due to soils, and related topics.

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