Our extensive depth provides our clients with the benefit of a single source of specialized experts.
Our Senior experts who specialize in Toxicology and Pharmacology Forensic Sciences provide services related to all aspects of clinical, environmental, and general toxicology.

Working with insurance, legal, and corporate clients, National Forensic Consultants experts can provide impartial evaluations involving the behavior effects of alcohol, drugs, and chemicals on the human body and the principles and layout of the human anatomy and how the human anatomy may be affected by chemicals, drugs, and environmental pollutants.

Below is a partial list of services we can provide:

  • Evaluate the pharmacology, biochemistry and toxicology used in the multidisciplined drug discovery process
  • Identify substances that are foreign to the body or to an ecological system
  • Measure the effects and the detection of most street drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, ecstasy, methamphetamine, heroin, and novel psychoactive substanc
  • Evaluate vitreous fluid and/or urine glucose concentrations
  • Render opinions for aviation investigations which may encompass the need for toxicological findings of pilots
  • Consider analytical procedures, toxicology, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry
  • Review toxicology findings in DUI cases

Please contact us to discuss your case and see how National Forensic Consultants can assist you.

NFC's Experts are skilled in diverse disciplines, making us a "one stop shop" for our clients' investigative needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you by providing credible forensic engineering and technical expertise.

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