Accident Reconstruction

Our extensive depth provides our clients with the benefit of a single source of specialized experts.
Traffic accident reconstruction is a multidisciplinary process which involves both art and science to establish the events surrounding a traffic accident. The practice of traffic accident reconstruction requires both the technical knowledge of vehicle dynamics and the experience of dealing with actual traffic accident scenes.

Our Accident Reconstruction experts are knowledgeable in the dynamic characteristics of automobiles, motorcycles, buses, large trucks, and tractor-trailer accidents. They have the experience to determine the cause of the accident based on all available evidence.

We analyze and evaluate evidence from all available sources. This may include police reports, photographs, medical reports, statements, weather data, crash data retrieval information, and available information on the road conditions at the time of loss. We conduct site and vehicle inspections and provide accurate scale diagrams of the accident scene, showing the geographical layout with signage, signals, and sight-obstructing objects to visually re-create the accident.

NFC offers the following services:

  • Full analysis of traffic crashes beyond the police reports
  • Physical inspection and photography of the scene and vehicles
  • Technical and mathematical analysis of the physical evidence
  • Inspection and interpretation of police reports
  • Litigation support for deposition and cross-examination preparation
  • Preparation of demonstrative exhibits such as diagrams, videotapes, and computer animations
  • Expert testimony as to the physics and dynamics of traffic accidents
  • Vehicle speed analysis
  • Time/distance analysis

NFC accident reconstruction experts work in tandem with our highway design engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, toxicologists, and biomechanical engineers to provide our clients with an in-depth analysis of the most complex cases.

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