Lead Paint Inspections

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A complete inspection of a residence will show not only the presence of lead in the walls, woodwork, doors, window sills, and more, but will also contain an analysis of the condition of these surfaces.

We will look for encasement of subsurface lead paint, check the condition of the newer coat(s) of paint, and determine if the movement of doors and windows could generate lead dust, all important factors for forensic interpretation.

Lead Paint Inspections

When the above analyses are completed, an interpretation and review of the condition of the residence, and all of the data collected will be included in a comprehensive report.

This comprehensive lead analysis goes far beyond just an X-ray analysis that will show only the presence of lead. Lead-containing sublevels of paint, if properly encased, may not be a threat to contaminate the environment. But when only an X-ray analysis of a residence is obtained, the potential for lead poisoning from lead dust or subsurface lead paint may be overlooked

A complete lead analysis suitable for forensic use will include:

  • Dust wipe samples from window sills and floor areas
  • Solid paint samples from select areas
  • Soil samples from the drip line on the exterior walls (where children may play)
  • Water samples

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