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  • Groundwater Contamination
  • In many instances in the past, insurance carriers simply accepted the allegation that their insured was the source of contamination based on the proximity of the insured’s property to the location where the contamination was first discovered. Learn More

  • Lead Paint Inspection
  • A complete inspection of a residence will show not only the presence of lead in the walls, woodwork, doors, window sills, etc. but will also contain an analysis of the condition of these surfaces. Learn More

  • Oil / Gasoline Spills
  • In increasing numbers, the insurance industry is being plagued with claims related to the cleanup of oil and gasoline spills. Learn More

  • Indoor Air Pollution
  • In recent years, as public awareness of the problem of indoor air pollution has grown the number of employees filing workers’ compensation claims.Learn More

  • Mold / Geotechnical Claims
  • NFC has investigated numerous losses involving the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria; what causes their growth; and what their potential effect on the health of persons might be. Learn More

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