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Evidence Custody and Management

All evidence is organized by customized archive and retrieval database.

In most fire investigations and almost all subrogation matters, evidence of some nature needs to be retained. Other parties, beyond the initial investigator, will need an opportunity to examine the evidence, and any irregularities in the way the evidence has been stored or handled can cause problems. In addition, when a product liability claim is investigated by NFC, the object of the claim needs to be secured while the issue of liability is sorted out.

All evidence is:

  • Properly preserved at the loss site directly by our expert or Evidence Manager
  • Chain of Custody is documented, signed and retained
  • Transported directly to our secure evidence storage facility
  • Meticulously photographed and labeled upon receipt
  • Wrapped to eliminate opportunities for cross contamination
  • Easily located when needed through our customized archive and retrieval database

NFC’s facilities are well-equipped for on-site inspections with:

  • Large well lit, climate controlled open inspection room
  • Examination tables and tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Heavy-duty material handling equipment
  • Two separate conference rooms
  • Full time Evidence Assistant

NFC has the knowledge and experience to safeguard your evidence.

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