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Oil/Gasoline Spills

Groundwater contamination cases can be extremely complex, with a number of potential sources of contamination

In increasing numbers, the insurance industry is being plagued with claims related to the cleanup of oil and gasoline spills.

NFC has assembled a team of seasoned professionals with oil/gasoline spill cleanup experience to be part of your team as technical advisors. This team includes environmental engineers, geologists, hydro-geologists, geotechnical/soils engineers, chemical engineers and metallurgists.

If contacted immediately following the spill event . . .
Our expert will assess the extent of damage to the property and to the environment, will devise a cleanup method appropriate to the situation, and will hire a qualified environmental cleanup contractor to remediate the property. We will secure three bids if requested. During the remediation, we will monitor the progress of the contractor and report to both the insurance company and to the state regulatory authorities. When the cleanup is complete, we will ensure that the contaminated materials are transported and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations and most importantly, that the insurance company has the proper documentation to close their files without the threat of future liabilities. Finally, our expert will prepare a report to the regulatory agency requesting closure of the site.

If contacted during the remediation phase . . .
When agents of the insured or the regulatory agencies are performing the cleanup we can still assess the extent of contamination and damages and evaluate the method and scope of the cleanup procedure.

If requested, we will negotiate with the cleanup contractor on your behalf to ensure that the remediation work is done right the first time and also to ensure that the extent of the cleanup is kept within reasonable and necessary limits. We will also monitor the transportation and disposal of the wastes and formulate a report to the regulatory agency. Lastly, we will examine the invoices presented by the cleanup company and will evaluate whether the cost is fair and reasonable for the services rendered.

If contacted after the spill has been cleaned up . . .
NFC can still evaluate the method and cost of the cleanup. Our services are being utilized more and more often in situations where oil or gasoline spills are being inadequately handled by inexperienced fire/restoration companies and we are retained later to recommend a competent cleanup procedure which will remediate the spill.

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